The rules of dating nobody will tell you

Of all human needs, the need for love, friendship, sex, all put into one, has to be the strongest. Every normal human seeks relationships that will enrich his or her life, but the truth is there are more single people than ever, and not because they want to be. With our fast-paced, stressful lifestyles, people are career-oriented, not thinking about what will happen in a couple of years. Everyone treads through life thinking about themselves, believing they are young, and then one day people wake up with the realization that they are alone and lost. All the adventures and fun they had hadn’t exactly taught them much, and now they have to start dating again.

However, the real truth is that one of the main reasons why people are frequently single while not wanting to be is that they simply don’t know much about dating. Just because you had a bunch of relationships doesn’t mean you know enough about them. You would be surprised to find out just how many people who have extensive dating experience know so little about dating.

If you are one of the people who isn’t sure whether their dating skills and principles are good enough to make a solid relationship, read on, as we will provide you with some tips on dating many won’t tell you. Of course, feel free to thank us later

Opposites do not attract

Your life is in a rut? You want to experience someone new, someone utterly different to yourself? You think this person will change your worldviews? Huge error! Opposites never really attract in life, except for brief, passionate adventures, maybe. Just think about it – if you are quiet and withdrawn, would you want your wife to be a chattermouth who talks all the time? If you love going out to clubs and enjoying a pint or two with friends, would you want a girlfriend who is reclusive, not wanting to go out anywhere except to a park? If you are outdoorsy and laid-back, would you want a husband who only likes to be seen at an opera? Think about these things and start looking for someone who is similar to you.

Casual sex is OK

Many will tell you not to engage in casual sex, because this way you will never find a real relationship and people won’t take you seriously. This is also completely untrue. While nobody is particularly motivated to look for a husband in a guy who just offered to casually do it every now and then, that doesn’t mean people are opposed to the idea. After all, most good relationships start with sex, so this should not be a taboo. If you like that someone, ask them to be exclusive.

Don’t impose expectations you can’t meet yourself

Everyone will also always tell you to look for a ‘perfect’ someone, when, in reality, nobody is perfect. Don’t ask for something you can’t give yourself. You’ll see, you’ll end up happier when you become serious with that person.