The essential dos of dating

You find the headline amusing? Think you know all about dating? Well, maybe you do, but the fact is most people don’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be alone, or tangled in one unsuccessful relationship after another. The truth is dating isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, but it isn’t the hardest, either. At least there are countless books and advice columns that will tell you a bunch of stuff about dating from various perspectives. You can also talk to your friends, or seek advice online, like with this blog.

Unfortunately, the truth is nothing will be applied to every person out there and there are no generalizations when it comes to emotions. However, there are some things that could be applied generally in search of a positive outcome. In this column, we will talk about the essential ‘dos’ of dating, all those things so many people already know, but fail to incorporate in their lives.

Do be forward

This is easier said than done, as so many people are notoriously shy, but this is an absolute must. When you meet someone new, the worst thing you can do is wait, because then two things will likely happen – either that person will find someone else (who was forward), or they will think you are not interested in them. Since you don’t want this to happen, one thing to always bear in mind is that nobody has too much time to just sit around. If you met someone you liked, ask them out. It’s easier to be turned down, then to miss a solid chance just because you were shy.

But don’t push things

This is another common mistake made by those who don’t suffer from shyness, but could be described in different ways by others. Of course, nobody is saying you are a maniac for calling the person you like a bunch of times, but someone actually might think that, and this could ruin your reputation in the widest of circles. If you noticed someone sending you signals, do be forward with them, but once you have established a connection, let the things develop naturally and don’t call that person five times a day. Some people just like to take it slowly, so pace yourself.

Casual sex is, actually, fine

Just disregard the claims that casual sex never leads to a relationship. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure enough, some partners might doubt you a bit if you start your dynamic off in bed, but the best indicator the relationship will be good is good sex, so don’t avoid taking someone to bed as soon as possible just because you like them.

Take your time

Once you have some sort of an acquaintanceship with the person you like, make sure you take your time and dedicate enough time to actually get to know that person. Don’t rush things into a relationship immediately. Always take a step back and savor every moment. Get to know the person.